Style Lite

If you enjoy the look of minimal framing, the Style Lite will delight you. Style Lite features “select” quality 4mm plate mirror with 1” bevels on all sides. All framing and supports feature a heavy duty, commercial-grade high quality hollow tube design (for added strength) and neat, mitered corners for extra style. CW’s Ultraglide 2 1⁄4” deep Felt-Lined Top Channel and jump-proof Bottom Track are standard on Style Lite as are the precision 1 1⁄2” Dual Race Ball Bearing Wheels and color-matched authentic mirror handles. The Style Lite Vanity Flair wall mirror features a fi xed center panel and two “wing” panels on pivot hinges, color-matched handles on each wing panel, “wing” clips to secure the wing panels against the wall and a 1” Bevel All. The Style Lite Vanity Flair is easily installed with two sturdy full height “Z” bar brackets. Standard and custom sizes are available.